What if you could increase your income by 20 percent, 50 percent or even higher than 100 percent in the next 12 months? 
Malaysia 's #1 Millionaires Coach will personally show you how

by Azizi Ali



What if you had a personal coach that could help you make more money, grow that money, keep that money and enjoy that money?

What if you had a personal coach to point you in the right direction?
What if you had a personal coach to support you in your hour of need?
What if you had a personal coach to answer all your questions about money matters?
What if you had a personal coach who really wants to help you succeed?
What if you had a personal coach that have done it all himself before?
What if you have the #1 money coach in Malaysia on your side?

Would that help you?

Of course it would.

I know it would because it would have certainly helped me when I was first starting out. Having such a personal coach would have helped me become a lot richer a lot faster while having a lot more fun along the way!




Be sure to read every word of this article because you will discover why a personalized coaching program can only help you rise higher and achieve your goals and dreams.

Firstly, let me state that you can become a millionaire on your own. Yes, you can do it on your own and you don't need anyone's help. But I will also add that it will take too long, too hard, too tough, too slow and will probably cost you a lot more money in the long run. I know this to be true because that was exactly what I did when I first started out. It took me 13 long years to get my first million. (To be fair to me, I did not have a coach as such a person did not exist then!) After that I became smarter; I hired others to help me. As a result, I quintuple that amount (yes, made RM5 million) in less than 10 years. Now looking back, I certainly wished I had hired the help since day one.


But Why Does It Take So Long To Do If You Do It On Your Own?

Many reasons. Firstly, you don't have the formula of wealth creation. This will mean that you will have to search high and low and all over the place for them. With no guarantee of ever finding the formula, mind you. As hundreds of thousands have discovered to their dismay.

By the way, this is why the rich get richer – they already have the formula of wealth creation in their hands (or more correctly, their brains). So they spend their time working that tried and tested formula (when not lazing at the beach). And they make money – lots and lots of money. The non-rich, on the other hand, have to go around searching for the formula. Try this, try that and trying ten different formulas just to find one that will work. While some do discover the formula, tens of thousands others just grow tired, grow old and grow mad at the world.

Next, it is too slow if you do it on your own. Because you are experimenting and doing it by trial and error, you will no doubt make mistakes along the way. Some of this mistakes will no doubt cost you money – often time, lots of money – because you have to correct them. Many of the mistakes will take you back months if not years.

And yes, it can also be heart breaking. You are spending not only your time, money and effort but also giving your whole heart in the process. I know this by my own hard experience. Some years ago, I started a music shop selling cassettes and CDs. While I did some research before opening the shop, it turned out that the research was too little. So despite working very hard – opening the shop at 9 am and closing at 10 pm seven days a week – and despite being smart and all, the shop lost money most of the time. So I gave up after two years and lost over RM100,000 in the process. Actually I lost more than just money. I lost time, sweat, money, tears and even broke my heart in the process – it was very painful to see all my hard earned effort go down in flames.


“We can never truly master time as long as our primary strategy for learning and mastering our world is based upon trial and error. Modelling those who've already succeeded can save you years of pain.”
Anthony Robbins


The truth is that I could have avoided much, if not all of the mistakes, if I had someone to help point the way for me. Someone who could answer the many questions running berserk in my head. You know, questions like:

  •   How can I make more money?
  •   What is the fastest way for me to make more money?
  •   Where do I invest my money?
  •   How can I take control of my finances?
  •   Who do I refer to about money matters?
  •   How do I get out of debts as quickly as possible?
  •   How can I make my money work harder?
  •   How do I know how much money I will need for my retirement?
  •   Can I actually retire?
  •   What are the positive and negative points about a particular investment?
  •   How do I make sense of all the different investment products out there?

If I had someone who could answer all those questions and more, it would have helped me immensely. And yes, I would have made money instead of losing them if I had a personal coach with me then.

Fortunately despite the initial setback, I did recover. My resolve was stronger than the setback.



The good thing is that I became smarter after that bitter experience. Instead of trying to do it all on my own, I started to refer to people who had more knowledge than me, people who had more experience than me and people who were smarter than me. So although there was no ‘success coach', ‘personal coach' or ‘money coach' then, I did the next best thing – I read a lot of books on the subject matter, went back to college to get my MBA and referred to some successful businessmen.

In time and over 800 books later, I did make it good.

After I become a millionaire, some people asked me to share my knowledge and experience with them. So I wrote a book –Millionaires Are From A Different Planet and its' Malay version – Jutawan Dari Planet Jupiter. The book was a storm and changed the landscape of personal finance in Malaysia forever. It is perhaps the granddaddy of all finance book in this country. It even started a new industry – books on personal finance/money matters and also seminars on wealth creation. More importantly, it changed the views about money for tens of thousands of Malaysians.

In the last 15 years, I have sold over 700,000 copies of my books, spoke to over 400,000 seminar participants, appeared in the media on a regular basis, and yes, made a lot of money in the process. But more importantly, I have also helped tens of thousands take control of their finances and perhaps created more millionaires than any other individual in this country.



How A Personal Coaching Program Can Help You

Point the way

Perhaps the most important point of all is that a coach will point the way to your goals. He will help you to first identify your goals and then sit down with you to help craft your own formula to achieve those goals. So now you have identified your destination and also have the route mapped out. All you need to do now is to work the plan.

Answer your questions

A coach will be there to answer your questions. This is particularly important in the beginning days when you have so many questions spinning in your head. You will be able to see the situation in a better light and therefore can make better and more informed decisions.

Track your progress

The coach will sit down with you periodically to track your progress. How are you doing compared to the plan? On time? Slower? Faster? And then offer solutions so you can sail on towards your destination.

Bring you back on track

One of the drawbacks of going solo is that there is no one to monitor you. Often time you do not even realize when you are making a mistake or going off track. It is so easy to be distracted because there are so many, well, distractions. But a coach will be able to see this and bring you back on track.

Keep you up to date with the latest information

A coach will also keep you updated with the latest developments and cutting edge information. As you know, there are always new ways of doing things better, faster and cheaper. It is obviously to your benefit to learn and adopt these latest discoveries.

Lend support

Finally a coach will also be able to lend support in your hour of need. Let's face it: this is real life. And in this life, problems will crop up. And sometimes, the problems can be overwhelming. While you can certainly face them alone, it is also obvious that you will do even better if you have someone to help carry the burden.



Why I'm Doing This Program

Having stated the benefits of personalized coaching, let me now share my reasons for doing this program.

As the premier writer, speaker and trainer on money in Malaysia, I often get requests from clients and would-be clients for me to coach them on a personal basis. For a long long time, I resisted from doing so despite getting tons of requests. This is not because I don't think it's a waste of time, effort or money. On the contrary. I know personalised coaching is good – we'll get to this shortly – but because I thought it will take too much of my time. Just about the only thing I value more than money is my time. So the thought of spending hours with just a few individuals would not be too time and money productive on my part. That is why I prefer to speak at seminars and conferences because I will be able to touch more lives that way.

At the same time, I do realize the incredible and massive benefits of having a personal coach. I realize that my personal presence – and all my knowledge, experience, and contacts – on a consistent basis will bring tremendous benefits to a selected group of clients. My God! They will have a quantum leap in their income levels while being able to improve other aspects of their lives at the same time.

Of course, I will continue to write and speak at seminars and events because I enjoy doing them. But the truth is that different people react differently. Some people read a book and their whole lives are transformed. Some people go to seminars and come back a totally different person. And then there are others who want a more personalized attention, who want a guiding hand and who want someone to oversee them. This last group will find a personalized coaching program immensely useful and invaluable. They will reap the most benefits from such a program.


“For everyone of us that succeeds, it's because there's somebody there to show you the way out.”
Oprah Winfrey


So now I am happy to announce that I have finally discovered a method to do both – improve the lives of my clients significantly through personal coaching while still having control over my time. This way, we all win!

You'll be delighted to know that I have started an exclusive Inner Circle Program in 2008. In this program, I personally coach selected individuals who are serious about improving their financial situation and taking control of their lives as quickly as possible. I personally meet with them, design formulas to match their own goals and dreams, and track their progress throughout the program. They can refer to me once a month via telephone and also meet me and other members of this exclusive program three times a year. There are also other benefits to the program which is listed below.



What I'm Going To Do

  • Review your current financial situation
  • Tell you things as they are
  • Answer your questions on money matters
  • Bring you back on track when you drift (as you surely will)
  • Educate you about money, personal finance and investments
  • Give moral support when you are down
  • Act as a sounding board when you are contemplating a major move
  • Stop you from making large losses
  • Share investment and business opportunities
  • Chart your progress throughout the program
  • Help you live the life of your dreams
  • Help you become more than what you are
  • Network you with fellow achievers and millionaires
  • Hook you up with my personal lawyers and advisers
  • Bring back the belief that life is indeed a wonderful gift

What I'm NOT Going To Do

  • Lend you money
  • Become your guarantor
  • Judge you based on the amount of money in your bank account
  • Tell others about you and your financial situation
  • Sell you products that you don’t need
  • Recommend inappropriate products or services
  • Turn you into a money-minded monster


Become an Inner Circle member NOW and I will send your FREE e-book within 24 hours.




Exclusive Benefits To You And Other Inner Circle Members

Personalised attention from Azizi and his team of experts

As an Inner Circle member, you are not just another face in the crowd but a unique special individual. So you are assured of getting personalised attention from me and my team of experts. As we are all different, you will have your own goals and dreams and also unique problems. I will address your situation on a personal basis and offer solutions to match your own personal values, and not just cookie cutter solutions.

Remember that this treatment is only reserved for you and Inner Circle members only. No one else out there is getting the answers that you are getting.

You are kept updated with the latest discoveries

The FREE book and webinar that you will get every month will ensure that you are fed with cutting edge strategies on a regular and consistent basis. And as you know, more knowledge equals more money and control.

You will take better and smarter action

We will sit down together and work out strategies that will bring in fast results that is consistent with your personal values and vision. This way you are much more likely to naturally and consistently take actions to reach your goals. Fast answers, fast solutions – problems go away.

Save your time, effort, heartaches and money

You will save all of the above as you are not going round in circles searching for solutions, doing incorrect things or things that bring in measly results. You will also face less heartaches as your error rate drops considerably. You'll have a lot more sustainable energy because you are not doing things that drains your energy. As a result, the journey will become smoother, faster and more fun. When you are happy, productive, free from tolerations and problems, and winning most of the time, the journey becomes more fun!

Can enjoy the benefits faster

As you accumulate more wins, this means that you will be able to enjoy the good things - bigger house, bigger cars, more vacations, better schooling for your children - faster. Instead of taking years (or never), you will cut down the time to reach your goals and dreams considerably.

Peace of mind

You will sleep better at night knowing that you have the #1 money coach in Malaysia and his team of experts on your side. A coach that is qualified, experienced, and has done it all before himself.

It works!

Perhaps the most important benefit of all is that my formula works. I have carried out most, if not all, of the strategies outlined in the program so you know I am not talking of some pie-in-the-sky theories but ones that actually bring in results.



Click here to enroll and I will send details of the initial Fast-Start meeting within 24 hours.


Who Should Join

  • If you want to double or even triple your income within the next twelve months
  • If you want to create multiple sources of income
  • If you are clueless on how to take control of your finances
  • If you just want to have more money at your disposal
  • If you want to have more time to enjoy your life
  • If you want to move up a gear and reach a higher level in your wealth
  • If you want to network with fellow millionaires
  • If you are in a dark about money matters
  • If you want to make a positive difference in your life and to the people that are important to you
  • If you want to live your life to the fullest
  • If you want to see what the other (rich) side has to offer
  • If you are sick and tired of being broke

Then this program is a MUST for YOU.



Become an Inner Circle member NOW and I will send your FREE e-book within 24 hours.



Answers To Common Queries

Why a coaching program instead of just recommending me the ‘right' investment products?

Malaysians are beginning to realize that relying on commission-based sales personnel is not bringing them the right results, i.e. they are not getting any wealthier! Hence, the growing popularity of a personalized coaching program as not only it sets them on track to their financial goals (i.e. become wealthier) but more importantly, it means that they have someone who is qualified, experienced and understands their hopes, dreams, wants and needs to guide them over a period of time instead of one-off buying decisions when dealing with commission-based sales personnel.

I'm an extremely busy person. Wouldn't joining this program just add to the work?

Are you too busy to be happy? Are you too busy to be healthy? Now if all this running around is bringing you the desired results – you are already living the life that you dream about – then continue running around. But if it is not, perhaps you should stop, look around and rethink your strategy. Perhaps all the busy-ness is the reason why your life is not exactly on a high. Join the program today, and I will help you to make more money, regain control of your finances while reducing your workload immensely.

How fast can I see the results?

The answer is that it depends on you. The faster you take the actions, the faster is the results.

Will you keep my data private?

But of course. In fact, only two people in our organization have access to your file – me and my PA. These means that your data is kept for our eyes only. It will remain that way forever as we destroy your data if you withdraw from the program.

I'm not sure if I'm cut up for this. Will you take me on?

Hmm, the first query that I'm not sure how to answer.

Perhaps the following statement may help you: I do not judge people by their age, job, race, religion, nationality, money in their bank account, gold they display or car they drive.

I'm not a Malaysian. Can I sign up?

Sure you can. Though the majority of the Inner Circle members are Malaysians, we have members who are Singaporeans and Thais.

I'm not living in Malaysia. Can I sign up?

Sure you can. This is a global village, which means that we are contactable no matter where we live. There are members based in Australia, Singapore, Bali, Abu Dhabi, Kazakstan, Gabon, Thailand and even a sailor who is literally on the water for weeks at a time!

You will need to meet me personally twice – right after signing up and then six months later to review your progress. Anyway, this will be a good opportunity to visit Malaysia – sun, white sandy beaches and all that.

All other contacts are either via phone, e-mail or online. (There are three Mastermind meetings a year but these are strictly voluntary.)

A word of caution

There is one person that I cannot help though. If you are drowning in debts, then I'm afraid that I cannot help you.

Let me explain a little. Actually, I can help but it will take time for the results to show. It will not appear in two or three months. And because of this time factor – a luxury most debtors do not have – I'm afraid you have to look elsewhere.


“If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” 
Benjamin Franklin



So How Much Is All This Worth To You?

Firstly, I have to ask you - how much would it be worth to solve your problems? How much would it be worth to live the life of your dreams? What would it be like to be wise, happy and successful this year versus waiting a decade or two?

You cannot expect to hire the best financial coach in Malaysia for peanuts. If you want the best, you have to be willing to pay for the best. You must be ready to move up and join the select group of people to be personally coached by the #1 money coach in Malaysia.

Proton cars are cheaper than BMWs or Mercedes Benz when you first buy them but the fact is that you will be driving Protons instead of BMW or Mercedes Benz. And we all know how much maintaining Perdanas cost – just ask the Terengganu government!

The investment schedule is straight forward: An initial investment of RM4,800 for the first six months and RM800 per month thereafter (for as long as you are in the program). You can register NOW through our secure online site, Maybank2U or even personally if you come to my office in Kelana Jaya.

Now while a few may balk at the investment, let me put that into perspective.

My speaking fee is currently RM15,000 for a two-hour talk. And if companies require customization, that fee rises. As an example, one company paid RM32,000 for two sets of two days training for their staff. And oh yes, expenses such as travel, hotel and meals are extra. (PS. The fee can only go higher in the future.)

Do companies and organizations pay that much? Yes, they do, folks, they do. They do because I bring in the desired results, so paying RM32,000 or more for my expertise is cheap really.

So you are getting the same quality advice for a bargain.

Further, the investment will cost you less than RM27 a day – the equivalent of one meal and drink (at a cheap restaurant!). Now is it worth to invest RM27 a day for your life, for your future, for your family's future and for your peace of mind? The answer is an overwhelming YES!

So say YES to my offer and enroll NOW.




So What Do I Do Now To Start Enjoying A Better Richer Life?

If you've read this far, I'm going to assume that you ARE serious about making positive changes in your life. I'm going to assume that you seriously want to earn more money and enjoy the benefits that only money can offer. All you have to do now is to click on this link, choose your method of investment and I will send your FREE e-book plus details about the initial Fast-Start meeting within 24 hours. It's that simple!




In The End

“The quality of your life will depend on three things: the books you read, the people you spend time with and the dreams you dreams.” 
Author unknown


Now I cannot help you on the last part. And I should not. You should be the one to dream your dreams. But I certainly can help you with the first two. I dare you to read the books I read and to spend time with me, and NOT see a massive explosive leap in your income level. You will have to try very hard NOT to make more money!

So where will you be in 12 months time? The one sure thing is that if you do nothing, you will be facing the same old problems, same old routines and same old people. That's right – you will be exactly where you are today. Now if you are already doing exceedingly well, making tons of money and enjoying the best life has to offer, then stay where you are. But if you want more – more money, more good things, more control over your life – then join the Inner Circle program now.

Don't miss out on this great offer because you will see massive changes your income levels and even in your personal life. You must act now because the membership is limited. At this point, I have only 7 0 membership slot left. Once it's taken up, I'll close up this offer.



The membership slots are all taken up which means the program is now closed to new members. However, if you want to make a quantum leap in your life and still want to join the program, call me at 03-7880 1051 or e-mail azizi.ali@millionairesplanet.com and leave your name, e-mail and contact number. I'll contact you as soon as there is a slot available.



Life is too short to be ordinary.

So click here to enroll NOW and I will send details of the initial Fast-Start meeting within 24 hours.


Azizi Ali
Millionaires Coach

PS. Imagine: in less than a week's time, you will be getting personalized attention from the #1 financial coach in Malaysia . So don't wait another second; get started NOW.

PPS. You must act now because only 7 0 membership slots are left. Once the slots are taken up, I'll close this offer.

PPPS. The program is now closed which means I'm not taking in new members. However, if you still want to join the program, call me at 03-7880 1051 or e-mail azizi.ali@millionairesplanet.com and leave your name, e-mail and contact number. I'll contact you as soon as there is a slot available.





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